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Implementa IA ya.  Fácil, rápido y GRATIS.

Crea chatbots tipo ChatGPT para WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, email, y automatizaciones con IA, fácil y en minutos - Comienza GRATIS hoy.


Chatbots creados

Clientes Corporativos

Respuestas con IA

Ahorra $2,500 al mes con IA

En menos de 5 minutos

Impresiona a tus jefes, compañeros y clientes con chatbots de Ventas, FÁCILES de crear y que NO requieren programación, ser expertos en IA o dar tarjeta de crédito, siempre amables y disponibles 24/7 

Antes de XTIPLY

Before implementing XTIPLY AI solutions, you have to answer ALL incoming client messages.

Pasa de contestar TODOS los mensajes y responder las mismas preguntas...

Despues de XTIPLY

After implementing XTIPLY AI solutions, you only answer prefiltered and prequalified client messages, automating over 80% of your work

...a dar seguimiento SOLO a los clientes ya filtrados por la IA y listos para comprar o probar

Ventajas de un IA de Xtiply

Pero XTIPLY es mucho más, úsalo para

crear y usar GRATIS...

... Chatbots con IA

Útil para soporte técnico y tickets, agendar reuniones, entrenamiento de empleados, etc.

  • Especifica los objetivos de tus bots

  • Agrega botones estático y dinámicos, Call-to-Action

  • Enlaza los botones a tu pagina web, tienda o calendario

  • Personaliza el diseño de tus bots

...y Automatizaciones IA

Útil para flujos de trabajo repetitivos con emails, documentos y digitalización

  • Resume y/o traduce archivos

  • Clasifica y/o reenvia archivos

  • Extrae datos no estructurados

  • Enlaza varios Asistentes

Algunas de las FUNCIONES disponibles para todos los usuarios

Integración con Chatapps

Usa tus bots en Whatsapp, FB Messenger y Mensajes de Instagram

Botones Call to Action

Botones CTA via palabras clave, incrementar ventas, demos, registros, etc.

Website Widget

Integra tu bot en tu página web, sitio de e-commerce y hasta formularios web

Inbox Omnicanal

Centraliza chats de tus  chatapps en un inbox, donde la IA o Humanos respondan

 Bots Multi Idionas

Soporte integrado para múltiples idiomas, hasta 17 idiomas diferentes

Codigo QR

Imprime y comparte en tu material y colateral de ventas y mercadeo físico

Automatizaciones Email

Automatiza respuestas y procesos de email.  Cada IA nuestra tiene su propio email

100% Personalizable

Cambia los íconos, saludos y colores de tus chatbots para que coincidan con tu marca

Usuarios Ilimitados

Invita y colabora con usuarios ilimitados en tu empresa u organizacion

Prueba nuestro

Chatbot DEMO

Prueba nuestro chatbot de demo de Docs2ai.

Házle una pregunta para comenzar, escanea  o haz clic en el Código QR a continuación.

Prueba nuestro

Automatización DEMO

Prueba nuestro demo de un Asistente con IA de XTIPLY (prev Docs2ai). Solo sube un archivo PDF e ingresa tu email 2X.

Este demo está entrenado para resumir PDFs, pero nuestra plataforma puede clasificar documentos, extraer datos, contestar prompts y enviar los resultados via email o a otros Asistentes, permitiendo varias automatizaciones para flujos de trabajo.

  • What is XTIPLY.AI (previously Docs2ai)?
    XTIPLY (aka Docs2ai) is a web platform that allows anyone to build Artificial Intelligent (AI) powered chatbots and assistants in minutes and trained on your data. With Docs2ai, you can easily upload PDF files or share a website link and our platform will generate an intelligent chatbot capable of providing deep insights related to your content or a behind-the-scenes assistant that can intelligently automate repetitive business tasks related to files, like summarizing, translating, classifying, extracting unstructured data, sentiment analysis, etc.
  • Why build an AI chatbot?
    Additionally to being a really cool and easy project anyone can implement in a matter of minutes with XTIPLY.AI (aka Docs2ai), an AI chatbot can relieve the workload of customer facing taks, like promptly informing prospects and leads about your company's products and services, or helping current customers troubleshoot issues, or even allowing those chatbots to suggest what products or services would be the most appropiate for your customers using Keywords and Dynamic Call-to-action button.
  • Why build an AI automation?
    Every company and even most knowledge workers have several repetitive tasks, like reading thru a file or a report and summarizing the key points, or classifying and routing incoming documents, extracting data that will later be used or inputed in your systems or a combination of two or more of these. By building an AI Assistant with XTIPLY (aka Docs2ai), anyone can automate those task in a matter of minutes, letting the AI do its magic and freeing workers to apply their knowledge where there is real value added. As of Dec 2023 XTIPLY can connect with 3rd party Cloud storage apps like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box and Folderit, so you can build document extraction, classification, preapproval automations. And soon XTIPLY will connect to over 5,000 apps by integrating with Zapier Webhooks, allowing you to automate tasks like AI extraction of data that automatically feed or trigger actions like create a new Google Sheet row, add a new Hubspot, Pipedrive or Salesforce CRM lead, send a custom email response with the extracted data, or even add a new SQL server row with extracted data. And with the possibility of linking one XTIPLY AI automation with another AI automation (think one AI automation classifies and passes the document to another one that extracts values, while at the same time saving it to the correct Google Drive or MS OneDrive folder, and then sending the extracted values to your backend SQL server), the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!
  • How much does using XTIPLY.AI cost?
    XTIPLY (aka Docs2ai) is FREE to try for 30 days. You can use XTIPLY.AI for 30 days completely FREE, afterwards subscribe to one of three PAID PLANS (i.e. Starter, Basic and Advance), with the STARTER PLAN starting at only $20 per months. Each plan includes all the core functions, but differ only in the amount of responses and automations our AI can do, the amount of clicks on the "call to action buttons" and the amount of disk space used for the training documents. If you need more bots, answers, clicks or disk space you can always UPGRADE even to an ENTERPRISE CUSTOM PLAN. These prices may change so we recommend you contact us at for the latest prices.

Facilita tu trabajo con IA

Solo toma cinco minutos implementar

Sin tarjeta de crédito  |  Sin programación requerida  | Sin experiencia en IA

Animated GIF of an AI bot completing the tasks of a human
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